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Educational Psychologist

  Solana Beach Elementary
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Starting salary: $82,078 - $105,567 annual (Placement on Salary schedule depends on prior experience)

Full Health and Welfare Benefits 

Length of Work Year: 190 Days

Employment Type: Full Time; Temporary Position


Must Submit:

All the following documents are required for this position:
-Letter of Introduction
-Letter(s) of Recommendation; Two (2) Letters of Recommendation


Job Goal:

To enable students to derive the fullest possible educational experience from school by promoting their sense of self and by treating any psychological or mental health problems.

Essential Job Functions - Required Knowledge and Abilities:

Develop individual and group problem solving techniques and interpersonal relation skills; provide a climate within which parents, students, and staff can gain assistance with problems; implement the Title V regulations for placement of students in special education program; consult in the placement of students in the special education program; assist in the development and implementation of an evaluation design which includes formal and informal assessment procedures; assist in determination of most appropriate instruments for Solana Beach students, programs, school, and district; interpret test data, researching available tests necessary to meet individual school needs; provide inservice training for staff on standardized administration techniques; interpret individual and group test data for staff and parents; coordinate the utilization of evaluation data as feedback and guide for the instructional program; recommend behavior management techniques/curriculum alternatives and specific instructional strategies to staff and parents; maintain contact with community agencies and appropriately utilize outside agencies based upon identified needs of students; assist in planning, implementing and evaluating staff development activities in the areas of behavior management, testing, guidance, and teaching strategies; clarify to all publics and implements philosophy and goals of special education program; participate in the development of needs assessments, researches, writes, develops, and evaluates schemes for specific programs; work closely with site administrator on special programs; furnish own reliable transportation in order to travel to other sites as assigned; maintain confidentiality and a positive attitude at all times; perform other duties as assigned.

KNOWLEDGE OF: Communication systems, laws relating to student placement in special education, District philosophical base for exceptional students, modern behavior management and counseling techniques, a working model of counseling, appropriate group and individual testing instruments, psychometric evaluation principles and procedures, diagnostic/prescriptive intervention, modern learning theory and curriculum, principles of evaluation, statistical analysis, community agencies and evaluation capabilities to serve clients, research techniques, program writing, and evaluation design, and management skills necessary for special programs.• Council and assist students, parents, and staff in the development of appropriate behavior goals and in the development of realistic personal expectancies.

ABILITY TO: Establish rapport and trust with staff, students, and parents, implement a functional counseling model, apply modern psychometric techniques, function as a team member in prescriptive programs, clearly communicate to all persons the meaning of test data, relate to personnel in community agencies, effectively counsel clients on selection of appropriate agencies, provide evidence of personal skills, and provide evidence of skills in interpersonal relationships.

Minimum Qualifications: 

Valid California Pupil Personnel Services Credential with an emphasis in school psychology, or other valid California credential with an authorization in school psychology.

School experience preferred

Ability to read, write, speak and understand the English language

Terms of Employment: 

190 day work year; Current DMV Clean Driving Record Report

Criminal Justice Department Fingerprint Clearance; Pre-employment physical

Working Conditions: 

ENVIRONMENT: Office, school site and classroom settings


Hearing and speaking to exchange information

Seeing in order to monitor students

Use of hands and fingers to utilize technological equipment

Bending at the waist, kneeling, crouching, or reaching  to assist students

Sitting in order to work at desks or tables


Exposure to climatic elements and intermittent noise

Potential for contact with blood-borne pathogens and communicable diseases


Job Opening ID


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School Site

  Solana Beach Elementary


  Solana Beach, CA

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