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Education Specialist - Preschool Special Education

  Solana Beach Elementary
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Starting salary: $59,226.89 - 83,794.75 annual salary (Placement on Salary schedule depends on prior experience)

Full Health and Welfare Benefits 

Length of Work Year: 185 Days

Employment Type: Full Time; Monday-Friday


Job Goal

To provide each handicapped student with a program that will enable them to reach their fullest physical, emotional, psychological, and behavioral potential.

Essential Job Fucntions - Required Knowledge & Abilities 

Teach pupils with severe handicaps in a preschool special day class such portions of a basic educational program that are in keeping with individual abilities and place major emphasis on those elements which develop the maximum amount of self-reliance and functional independence; provide training, domestic, recreational, leisure, community and vocational activities in natural environments; blend basic skills including speech and language, motor, academics and social skills into functional activities; provide integrated learning opportunities in appropriate subjects; Plan and conduct study trips that reinforce concepts and promote integration; provide instructional experiences in vocational skills/activities and job exploration utilizing community resources; plan, implement and monitor functional community-based programming for students with a variety of skill levels and abilities; effectively train and utilize instructional aides, community volunteers and cross-age tutors to assist with instruction in a variety of environments; work closely with parents, including periodic parent interviews, staff and administration in the planning, implementation and evaluation of each child's learning activities; maintain close and frequent communication with parents, guardians, concerned agencies and outside professional consultants; maintain appropriate professional relationship with the school staff to facilitate the concept of mainstreaming and integration of students on a regular basis; act as the primary case carrier for Special Education purposes for students in the class (annual reviews); attend School Study Team meetings and Individualized Education Plan meetings as is appropriate; maintain on going communication with other teachers serving students with severe handicaps; continues professional growth in the knowledge and practices of education of students with learning handicaps through journals, studies, conferences and personal enrichment; represent the program at the Consortium regional level when appropriate; perform all other obligations mandated by laws or Board policy, and other tasks assigned by the Administration.

KNOWLEDGE OF: Appropriate subject matter curriculum as well as current developments in the fields of child development, health and safety practices (CPR, First Aid, etc.); Current state and local assessment procedures; CDC and District policies; audiovisual equipment.

ABILITY TO: Relate well to pupils, parents, other teachers, and school administrators; show mature judgment; provide an educational program for students; assist where required in other school programs; maintain classroom control; preserve suitable learning conditions; analyze various group and individual student assessment data (both formative and summative) to evaluate student progress; modify instruction in response to evaluation of formative and summative achievement data; be sensitive to the needs of children and parents of different ethnic, cultural, education, and economic backgrounds; treat each child with dignity and respect.

Minimum Qualifications 

Valid Education Specialist Credential - Moderate/Severe [Additional Ed Specialist Credential - Mild/Moderate desirable]; CLAD or BCLAD; ability to read, write, speak and understand the English language

Terms of Employement 

Temporary Contract 

185 day work year; Current DMV Clean Driving Record Report

Criminal Justice Department Fingerprint Clearance; Pre-employment physical

Working Conditions 

Environment: Classroom and other school site indoor and outdoor environments

Physical Abilities: Strength and energy sufficient to maintain a rigorous work schedule requiring continuous physical activity including the repetitive lifting of heavy children in and out of restricted spaces; hearing and speaking to exchange information

Seeing to monitor students; bending at the waist, kneeling or crouching to assist students; sitting or standing for extended periods of time; run, move quickly in order to keep up with children in classroom or playground; some positions may require physical strength, agility and dexterity to restrain students whose behaviors are disruptive or dangerous to self or other students

Hazards: Exposure to climatic elements and intermittent noise; frequent interruptions

Potential for contact with blood-borne pathogens and communicable diseases


Job Opening ID


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School Site

  Solana Beach Elementary


  Solana Beach, CA

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