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Principal, Granite Hills High School

  Grossmont Union High
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Principal, Granite Hills High School, El Cajon CA

Salary:  Placement on the management salary schedule

Please attach all required documents to your application

*Administrative Services Credential


*Letter of Introduction

*Letter(s) of Recommendation (3 current letters of recommendation)


Primary Function: To serve as the educational leader and chief executive of the school and, as such, to be responsible for direction of the educational program, operation of the school plant, participation in staff and pupil activities, and establishment of effective community relations.

Duties and Responsibilities Directly Related to Pupil Progress:

1. Shall plan, organize, and develop local human and material resources to maximize the development of each individual student.

2. Shall design and implement a management information system which provides diagnostic, prescriptive, and evaluative data regarding individual learning achievement.

3. Shall organize school resources, both human and material, so the total learning environment becomes self-diagnosing, auto-correcting, and self-renewing.

Duties and Responsibilities Normally Performed by Certificated Personnel:

1. Assumes overall responsibility for planning and directing the educational program of the school in keeping with the guideline established by the Superintendent of the Governing Board.

2. Exercises leadership in the achievement of the goals and objectives of the Governing Board through motivation and involvement of all certificated and classified staff assigned to the school.

3. Participates in the policy and decision-making process on matters affecting the District as a whole by membership of the Principals' Council.

4. Selects, assigns, and evaluates all certificated and classified personnel assigned to the school. This responsibility may be shared with other members of the school's administrative team at the discretion of the principal.

5. Develops, with the assistance of department chairperson and the administrative staff, the master schedule.

6. Provides overall supervision in the operation of the school plant to provide for its safe, economical and efficient use.

7. Implements all policies and methods relating to pupils, staff members and educational program which the Superintendent and the Governing Board have delegated tot he local site administration.

8. Prepares and controls the local school's budget for textbooks, library books, supplies, instructional equipment, building alterations, furniture, and grounds improvement within the financial resources assigned to the school. Shares responsibility for developing the budget with department chairpersons, the administrative assistant, and administrative staff members.

9. Insures that all school activities are adequately planned and supervised.

10. Assumes overall responsibility for the safeguarding and expenditure of student body funds.

11. Interprets the school program and its needs to pupils, parents, staff members, and the community at large using all available means of communication. Acts as the principal spokesman and contact person for the school with the District administration and the community.

12. Organizes and actively supports the functioning of the Citizens' Advisory Council at his/her school.

13. Actively participates in P.T.A. unit, Board, and community meetings, functions, and activities.

14. Provides overall supervision and direction to the keeping of records and the making of reports as required either by the District or for the operation of the educational program at the school site.

15. Participates actively in the development and implementation of curriculum which meets local needs and achieves the educational goals and objectives set forth by the Superintendent and the Governing Board, including participation in District subject matter councils as assigned. Provides leadership to the faculty in seeking better ways of meeting pupil needs, and plans in-service training programs to improve teacher effectiveness.

16. Performs other job-related duties as assigned by the Superintendent.

17. Site Compliance Officer

This position will start on 7/01/2022


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  Grossmont Union High



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